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Tone-Pearls Records is a non-profit atelier of music researchers and music lovers devoted to recreating the original experience of live concerts. We also offer some recordings on master tape and in digital formats at cost price.

If a recording is not able reinstate the original experience of the performance, it is a bad recording. Unfortunately, contemporaries only have poor experience with real live music, they mainly listen to amplified concerts or recorded music. Thus they have a limited idea of real music. The raison d'étre of music recordings is to recreate the original experience of live concerts. This is our mission.

Tone-Pearls, as a practical application, derived from our spiritual scientific research of music, tone and hearing. We have developed the Tone-Pearls Recording Technique based on Tone-Pearls using analogue recording with a pair of microphones. Read more about Tone-Pearls.

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Our Team


Laszlo Gaal


I'm engaged with music since my early years, however I am not a musicians but a researcher. I have researched music and tone and also the human hearing in the last 3 decades. I would like to share some recordings with you.


Vilmos Nagy

Tape recorder expert

Vilmos is the owner of the largest private tape-recorder museum in the world. He has over 430 different types of reel to reel tape recorders made by over 160 companies, from 21 countries -- and all are working.


Marcel Vigh


Marcel is a pianist, he studies piano at Conservatoire de Lausanne.

W. M. Burgert, Divox

The «musical sound» is clearly amazing, surprising (in the digitally-listen trained aera ;-) ) and I am obviously very curious, to understand more about those «tone-pearls». There is a sincerity and something humble in the room, which is clearly also related to Mr. Hegedus's Art & personality, but unclear the ratio between those variables - all together gives me an impression of devotion to the works, a keypoint Divox is always searching in his releases too...

Frederic Beudot, 6moons

This CD is as rich sounding, dynamic and beautifully scaled as the very best I have heard. (...) The two microphones convey the full sense of scale of the piano and its gigantic dynamic abilities while preserving the ambiance yet clearly show also the boundaries and slightly matt acoustics of the recording space.

Laszlo Gaal, Founder

I believe in music and I also believe that music is the key for understanding the world and human being.